Attached No Longer

I don’t know
What I saw in you
Or why
You were so great
Your hair
Everything about you

We were great together
But that was then
And this is now
My heart was torn
No glue within reach

Friends, we should’ve
Over time, turned around
Promise a promise
Swear a swear
Friendship is fatal
A true love is fake
Now this is war
No give and take

You’ve moved on
With her
And she will
Break that little thing
You call your heart

So let me know
When your heart
Bleeds pain

I will know and feel
Your pain
Because love isn’t a game
You can play
So open the closet
Put the ego and swag
Store it in there tight
And turn the lights out

Walk away from the past
Don’t you dare look back
The game is over
Done with
The game is over
You lose

By Gabriella